Western Tarot Wishing Ceremony Magic Candle Herbal Boosting Energy Rune Candle Mould Aromatherapy Scented Candle Home Decoration


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  • Product: General Candle
  • Feature: Colored Flame
  • Material: Paraffin Wax
  • Type: Aromatherapy
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Product Category: candle
  • material: paraffin
[Product Name]: Rune Magic Candle
[candle Product size]: 4*5.3cm
mold size:5.5*5.5*6cm,5.5*5.5*5.7cm,5.3*5.3*6.3cm;
Basic knowledge of magic candles:

Wax is the symbol of the earth element, the melted wax liquid is the symbol of the water element, the flame is the symbol of the fire element, and the smoke is the symbol of the air element (wind). Flames are often used to burn things, so you can use candles to help you get rid of unwanted negative energy, bad habits, bad luck, etc. Of course, these are auxiliary. When the flame burns, it symbolizes destruction and exhausts the things you want to destroy. Therefore, many candle spells involve some burning IOUs, and you want to get rid of the paper type of things. The flame also symbolizes the release of energy, and there are also candle spells that write wishes on a piece of paper. Then burn it with the flame of a candle, which is a way to attract a wish to come true, rather than destroy it. Many wizards believe that candles are a symbol of life, so candles cannot be blown out during rituals, so you can use candle extinguishers, water or other tools to extinguish candles. There are also sayings that blowing out candles symbolizes blowing away wishes, so you can't blow out candles. Extinguished. But some wizards think that it can be blown out, depending on personal opinion. Generally, candles cannot be used twice. Generally speaking, one candle can be used up in a ritual, but some rituals require several days to complete, so you can use it twice. In the previous ritual, the candle was filled with your energy and purpose. The candle is It is carrying your wish and purpose, so it cannot be used for the second time. But if it is for the same purpose, it can be used twice, so I don't mind, but it is limited to four-element candles, god candles and the like. If these four-element candles have been burnt and there is still a lot of remaining, they can be used again. But it can only be used to represent the four elements, dedicated to the four elements. Before using the candle, you need to purify the candle first to remove its negative energy. Generally speaking, blessings are required after purification, which will make the energy more pure and better. But if you don't do blessings, purification is also a basic need to do. It is also to increase the success rate of ritual magic and make its energy better.