Iceberg Suspended Scented Candle Romantic Diy Fragrance Diffuser Essential Oil Candle Atmosphere With Hand Gift


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  • Handmade: Yes
  • Use: Holiday
  • Shape: Cup-shaped
  • Product: General Candle
  • Feature: Scented
  • Material: Gel Wax
  • Type: Aromatherapy
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Occasion: Valentine's Day

long winter
Aromatherapy Miman

Pure handmade iceberg jelly wax
The appearance, texture and fragrance are all obsessed~
Every breath is a two-way satisfaction of smell and body!
Colorful summer jelly-like cool texture makes people fondle admiringly
Every ignition is full of healing~

Exquisite Petty Bourgeoisie Elegant Ceremony
Atmospheric burst
take the iceberg home
Camera Artifact, Healing Goods


You are the iceberg you see when you go north, and you are the aurora you look for when you go south
His love seems like the tip of the iceberg, but in reality it is as deep as the sea


Iceberg size: diameter 5.5cm height 5.5cm
Glass size: diameter 7.5cm height 10cm


How to use the iceberg:
1. First pour about 2/3 of water into the glass;
2. Put the tip of the iceberg down, hold both sides with a cherry blossom spoon and hands and put it into the water stably, the iceberg will float;
3. Then use a match to light the candle, and after burning, add an appropriate amount of essential oil according to personal preference;
4. When it needs to be extinguished, cover it with the cherry blossom spoon delivered, and do not blow it out with your mouth.

1 Do not throw it directly into the water violently
2 Do not let the wick get wet
3 Due to personal sensory differences, the burning fragrance is weak, and the ornamental value is greater than the practicality. Please buy rationally!

Good tip:
1. The flammable time of an iceberg is 4-5 hours, and it can be ignited and extinguished repeatedly. It is not disposable.
2. After extinguishing, the iceberg can be soaked in water without taking it out, and it will not affect the re-ignition.
3. It is recommended to trim the black part of the candle wick when it is lit for the second time, which can effectively avoid black smoke and improve the viewing effect.