200g Scented Candle Household Perfume Candle Fabulous Lost Cherry Natural Taste Ong Lasting Unisex Fresh Air Fragrances Women


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  • Origin: Mainland China
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It shares the same origin with Zhenhua ebony perfume.
The Meeting of Rare Ebony, Sandalwood, Exotic Rose, and Cardamom
Feeling like I'm in a damp, freshly cut forest
Xin, it's very pure! Giant healing!
Yanyun Holy Wood
Smoky and fiery aroma of sandalwood, with a hint of sweetness in the sandalwood flavor
Quiet and sexy wooden fragrance, suitable for men

-Thorn Rose
There is no pungent and pungent smell of perfume, and the room retains a strong rose smell
It seems like a large rose garden
Primitive, wild, and stinging pleasure

Red cherry
The scent of cherry syrup filling the air, a rich and sexy woman
Desire and fragrance! Start dancing in the next second
Peach astringent nectar
Peach aroma mixed with some citrus sweetness, it is a very fresh original wood aroma