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  • Shape: Cup-shaped
  • Type: Fragrance
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Brand Name: XMSJ

Scent Introduction

New York-
Fragrance: Cedar Patchouli Vetiver Tobacco
Very strong tobacco + woody aroma. The wood here smells particularly bitter because of the patchouli. The scent gives me the impression of a Broadway concert hall in New York, with a sense of age. Great for fall and winter and rainy days ��very warm~.

Fragrance notes have sandalwood �� magnolia �� green tea ��
Meditation Advanced Elegant flavor is addictive
It is said that the national counters are currently on the
We recommend you to get it
In short it is a very special

The medicinal value of hinoki wood is relatively high, the effect of tranquility and nourishment and so on we do not know, but when the bath does feel a light wood fragrance is very relaxing. I put the candle with the package in the sink for a day yesterday to disperse the smell, so that every time I wash my hands and face have a feeling of being in a luxury hotel!
Today the candle out to light up! I feel that the smell is not so strong, but a light hinoki aroma in the whole living room, time has become gentle! The feeling of forest bathing reminds me of the holiday I spent in Karuizawa last fall, it's wonderful!