160g Ceramic Scented Candles - Soy Wax Jar Candle Decor for Home, Bathroom, Bedroom, Office, Hotel, Fragrance Candle Jar Gift


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  • Use: Home Decoration
  • Shape: Cup-shaped
  • Product: General Candle
  • Feature: Scented
  • Material: Soy Wax
  • Type: Jar
  • Origin: Mainland China
1. Product Parameters :
- Product Name : Glass Jar Scented Candle
- Product Capacity : 160g
2. Product Content :
- 1 × Jar Candle

- 1 × Packing Box
3. Product Application :
- Home Decor: Jar candles make excellent decorative items, adding warmth and ambiance to any room. Place them on a shelf, coffee table, or fireplace mantel to create a cozy atmosphere and enhance the overall decor.
- Aromatherapy: Many jar candles are scented with fragrances designed to promote relaxation, stress relief, or mood enhancement. Light a scented jar candle during a bath, yoga session, or meditation to create a soothing and aromatic environment.

- Relaxation & Ambiance: Jar candles are perfect for creating a calming and serene environment. Light a candle while reading a book, taking a bubble bath, or enjoying a quiet evening at home. The soft glow and pleasant fragrance can help you unwind and create a peaceful atmosphere.
- Special Occasions: Jar candles are often used as part of celebrations and special events. They can be placed as centerpieces on dining tables during romantic dinners or used to create a romantic setting for a proposal or anniversary celebration.
- Perfect Gifts: Jar candles make wonderful gifts for birthdays, housewarmings, holidays, or as a token of appreciation. Their beautiful packaging, soothing fragrances, and aesthetic appeal make them a thoughtful and versatile gift option.
- Emergency Lighting: In case of power outages or emergencies, jar candles can serve as a reliable light source. Keep a few candles in accessible locations around the house, along with matches or a lighter, to ensure you have a backup light source when needed.
4. Product Description :
- The soy wax jar candle is carefully crafted using natural soy wax, known for its clean and eco-friendly burning properties. The wax is derived from soybean oil, making it a renewable and sustainable resource. The candle is poured into a sturdy glass jar, which not only enhances its visual appeal but also allows for a longer burning time.
- The candle is thoughtfully scented with a delightful fragrance, creating a captivating ambiance in any room. The fragrance options can vary widely, ranging from floral and fruity to spicy and woody, ensuring there is a scent to suit every preference. The chosen fragrance is meticulously blended with the soybean wax, ensuring a consistent and long-lasting aroma throughout the candle's lifespan.
- The soy wax jar candle is designed to provide a clean and even burn. It comes with a high-quality cotton wick that is free from lead or other harmful materials, ensuring a safe and non-toxic experience. When lit, the candle emits a warm and comforting glow, creating a cozy atmosphere that invites relaxation and tranquility.

5. Product Instructions :
- Find a stable, heat-resistant surface.

- Trim the wick to 0.3-0.6 cm before lighting.

- Place the candle on the surface and light the wick.

- Allow the wax to melt evenly across the surface.

- Keep the jar and surrounding area clean.

- Use professional tools to extinguish the candles.

- Remember to prioritize safety when using any candle.

6. Candle Maintenance :

- Keep the jar and the area around the wick clean from debris, such as burnt wick trimmings or matches, to prevent any fire hazards.

- If the candle develops black soot on the jar or the flame becomes too high, extinguish the candle, trim the wick, and relight it.

7. Kind Tips :

- Never leave a burning candle unattended.

- Keep it away from drafts, children, and pets.

- Ensure the candle is completely extinguished before leaving the room or going to sleep.

- Do not touch or move the jar while the wax is hot. Wait for the candle to cool down before handling.