10g/Bag Flaky DIY Candle Wax Pigment Colorant Non-Toxic Soy Candle Wax Pigment, Used To Make Scented Candles Or Soap Dyes


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  • Origin: Mainland China

Product name: Scented candle dye

Shape: flake

Application scope: paraffin wax, soy wax, crystal flower wax (ice flower wax), ghee wax, jelly wax, etc.

Adding amount: 2%-10%, the color shown in the picture on this detail page is 5% adding amount for reference.

Packaging: PE ziplock bag

Instructions for use: After the wax liquid is fully dissolved, add it at about 70° and stir evenly. Large pieces of solid dye can be broken off by hand and added to the wax liquid. It will be fully dissolved in about 15 seconds. Use a stirring spoon to scoop it up to see if the wax is completely dissolved. If the liquid is clear and has no particles, it means it has been fully dissolved. It can be filled after the wax material is cooled to a suitable temperature.

Weight: 10g package

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